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Nature, Adventure and more!

Bonito is considered the capital of ecotourism in Brazil, thanks to the sublime environment of nature. “Bonito e muito bonito” (Bonito is very nice), that’s what Brazilians say and everyone who is lucky enough to travel to Bonito, Brazil.
This beautiful place is a tropical forest environment crossed by crystal clear rivers full of freshwater fish, where waterfalls and caves are also part of the landscape. Despite its great beauty, this region is still little known, many tourists ignore that experiencing a vacation in Bonito is the certainty of a truly unforgettable adventure.
Bonito Brasil is ideal for those who love ecotourism and adventure tourism. The incredible transparency of the water in its rivers is due to a high concentration of carbonates, which allow the crystallization in record time of impurities and other organic waste in sedimentary rock. The result of this natural phenomenon is a clear crystal, transparent at more than 40 meters on colored backgrounds (blue, green, brown, red), where a considerable quantity of freshwater fish, the most unusual, with up to almost a meter long.

Climate (best time to go to Bonito)
It is recommended to visit Bonito between December and March, during the rainy season, which is when the river level is the highest and you can enjoy its beautiful waterfalls; at this time the flora is also in its maximum splendor. Between May and August, during the drought, the landscape is arid and it would be a waste not to be able to see the different species of animals that inhabit this site.

What to do in Bonito?
Apart from its natural beauty, Bonito offers the visitor endless outdoor activities with an excellent lodging service, food and mainly, tour guides, with the intention that everyone take advantage of knowing every corner of this magical place. This destination also welcomes a growing number of tourists with disabilities.

1. A tour of Río Prata da or Río de la Plata
It is an activity that is carried out with the company of experienced guides. The walk requires walking along a path along the river in the forest where you can see the extensive fauna and lush vegetation. By entering the lake formed by several clear water springs of the Río de la Plata, you can discover a new world under water. Many assure that it is a unique sensation, feeling surrounded by numerous varieties of fish and great vegetation.

This tour is done with masks or complete diving equipment provided by the tourist companies and takes approximately one hour. After the adventure, a hearty meal can be enjoyed under the style of the South Matogrosso Ranch.

Hiking in the Parque das Cachoeiras
Hikers receive an excellent welcome at the das Cachoeiras or Centro Parque waterfalls, who have the opportunity to enter the exuberant nature that leads to the waterfalls, in a journey that lasts approximately between 3 and 5 hours walking. The panorama is a spectacle with falls of translucent waters, walls full of caves and natural pools.

The Anhumas Abyss
A crack in the ground creates a true vertical chasm on a journey to the center of the earth. A 72m rappel leading to a lake with clear water the size of a soccer field. Under the surface of the lake, divers who must have a diving certificate, face huge conical structures, more than 16 m high. Diving is practiced between the cones that have a visibility of 40 to 60 meters, with an instructor who serves as a guide. In the dry part of the cave there are many speleothems, real sculptures produced by nature. An unforgettable beauty.

Grotto of the Blue Lake
A hundred meters from the entrance of the cave you can see the deep blue water lake, where not even experienced divers have reached the bottom of the lake, so no one is sure where the water really comes from. The rivers of the region retain a slightly greenish color, especially when the sun’s rays enter the winery and into the water, it forms a spectacle of rare beauty. Entry is prohibited for children under 5 years of age and the tour lasts approximately two hours.

Diving in the Sucuri River
A crystalline fountain with beautiful vegetation and a rich variety of fish makes visitors from all over the world simply amazed by such beauty. It is an unbeatable experience appropriate for children and adults of all ages. It is an activity that can last half a day and where the guides provide life jackets and diving masks.

Mimosa stay
The route begins in the center of the main estancia where visitors can enjoy an aperitif with homemade tea and traditional cookies. Within the passion fruit plantations, the lake becomes a refuge for alligators and birds, an orchard where you can collect many fruits.

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    2-5 days

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