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Telegraph Stone

Exlusive Experience

one of the highlights of Rio de Janeiro

Pedra do Telegrafo is located in Barra de Guaratiba. It is currently the fashion trail in Rio de Janeiro, as everyone wants the classic photo on the Telegraph that conveys the illusion of the abyss.

The trail is considered light / moderate. It has a bit steep stretches, but most of the trail has a gentler and calmer slope. There are two amazing lookouts! One is 5 minutes before reaching the summit, which provides a perfect view of the entire Barra de Guaratiba region, and the other is on the summit, where it has the famous Telegraph Stone and it is possible to see the entire region of Praias Selvagens.

Description of the Stone Telegraph Trail

To get to the entrance to the trail there is an access road, where the walk is a little steep and takes an average of 15 minutes.

The hike on the trail already has an average duration of 1 hour from the beginning of the trail to the summit, even walking at a leisurely pace.

The entire trail is open and passes by some incredible viewpoints that overlook the entire region of Barra de Guaratiba and Restinga da Marambaia.

Arriving at the summit, you can also see the other side of the mountain where you can find wild beaches (Praia do Perigoso, Praia do Meio, Praia do Inferno) and also the famous Pedra da Tartaruga (which, by the way, we also set up events there, including rappelling in the Turtle’s Head).

Pedra do Telégrafo is a stone located on the top of Morro do Telégrafo with a landscape of Selvagens and Grumari beaches in the background.

The Stone of the Telegraph has a shape of the bow of a ship (the front of a ship), where it is possible to hold still with your feet on the ground, as it has an average of 1.80 meters from the ground to the tip of the stone where it is safe. By lifting your legs it is possible to shoot without showing the ground in the field of view of the photo, which gives a very nice feeling of illusion of great looking to be hanging from a cliff, but in fact it is only a few centimeters from the ground.

A fun game that gives high funny pictures for those with creativity.


Pedra do Telegrafo is located in Guaratiba, west of Rio de Janeiro. The place has a charming view of the wonderful city, as on one side we can see the wild beaches and the Tijuca massif in the background. On the other side, we have a privileged view of Restinga da Marambaia and Mangue.

Pedra do Telegrafo is located in Pedra Branca State Park: considered one of the largest urban forests in the world, with 12,500 hectares of extension.

The Trail takes approximately 1 hour to climb and its summit is 354 meters high. On the way back, we will pass by paradisiacal beaches with the right to a refreshing dip in Grumari, we will continue along the coast of Rio de Janeiro until we return to the South Zone.

  • Duration

    3-4 hours

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    Private Tour

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