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new year's eve

Ah, New Year’s Eve… This is that time of the year when we remember all our learnings and prepare for the air that a new cycle offers. And nothing better than traveling! Our country is full of great destinations and, of course, there is a perfect location for every type of traveler.

New Year’s trips are those that tourists plan well in advance, mainly due to the high occupancy and the risk of not getting the best prices in the trendiest and most popular destinations. However, there are always great alternatives for those who leave it to the last minute and still want to make their perfect trip.

All regions of the country have excellent destinations to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Brazil. No wonder that some municipalities are considered consolidated on the subject, as is the case of Rio de Janeiro. At the turn of 2019 to 2020, the capital was responsible for attracting 1.7 million tourists, a new record for the wonderful city.

Brazil has a range of options for New Year’s destinations and that often can even leave tourists wondering which route to enjoy next New Year’s Eve. That’s why we decided to bring together 6 great options for those who want to start the year off right. Check out!

✶ Trancoso (BA)

✶ Porto Seguro (BA)

✶ Gramado (RS)

✶ Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

✶ Ilhabela (SP)

✶ Buzios (RJ)

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