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Fernando de Noronha


a paradise on earth

Fernando de Noronha touches the imagination of many Brazilians. The place is reputed to be a paradise on Earth, and you know what? And even. Some of its beaches are the most beautiful in Brazil, the water has an incredible color and the marine life… oh, this one is so rich that it’s almost impossible to describe. Scuba diving is considered one of the best in the world and, even on the beaches, you can swim among small sharks and turtles.

About Fernando de Noronha
With 21 islands and islets, only 17km² and the smallest BR in Brazil, there are those who doubt that Fernando de Noronha deserves all the praise you hear, but it’s all true, no one exaggerates it. Af the beauty of the place is unquestionable. When it comes to nature, preservation and biodiversity, the district, which belongs to Pernambuco, is to be congratulated. Seeing is believing.

A dip in the crystal clear waters of Baía do Sancho or a snorkel in Baía dos Porcos is enough to understand the magic of Noronha. The beaches jagged amid large rock formations seem to have been drawn by hand. The mix of green, light blue and dark sea tones are the perfect setting for those looking for tranquility and a little inspiration.

Stay as many days as possible in this paradise and walk, discover, explore and be enchanted by this place that, proudly, is part of our country.

When to go to Fernando de Noronha  
Fernando de Noronha can be enjoyed all year round because it’s always hot and sunny there. The high season happens especially between mid-December and Carnival, especially in the period close to New Year’s Eve and January – at this time the island city is very busy and with uninviting prices.

The months between March and July are rainier while between August and February it is drier. Traveling between the rainy months, however, does not mean getting several rainy days, this can vary a lot and allow you to enjoy good sunny days. Check out here the complete tips on when to go to Fernando de Noronha and find out which are the months with more and less waves.


How to get to Fernando de Noronha
Noronha is an island and getting there can only be done by plane or boat. Cruises are currently not allowed, so it is necessary to fly there — Gol has flights from Recife Airport, while Azul has flights departing from Recife and also from Natal. We often find air tickets on sale to Fernando de Noronha, download the Best Destinos app and stay on top of the latest promotions!

What to do in Fernando de Noronha
Enjoying the beaches, doing some hiking, taking boat trips, diving, surfing and, of course, relaxing are among the main activities to do in Noronha. The island is a unique destination for those looking for tranquility and beautiful natural landscapes, but it can also be a pleasant place to exercise, especially with the look it has. There are several possibilities that Noronha offers, from quieter programs, such as enjoying a late afternoon at Praia da Conceição, to diving or snorkeling and admiring sharks or doing the aquasub, a kind of diving with a small board.

Fernando de Noronha beaches
Enjoying the beaches is certainly one of the main activities in Noronha. There are so many beautiful beaches that you may even have difficulty choosing a favorite! During your trip you can’t miss the Sancho Bay, already considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Its neighbor, Baía dos Porcos is also not far behind and should not be missing from any itinerary — from the upper access of Praia do Sacho you can see a wonderful lookout overlooking these two beaches, certainly among the most beautiful on the island. .

For those who want to go snorkeling, it’s worth setting aside a few hours for Praia do Sueste and if you want to catch waves, the island’s point is Cacimba do Padre. Praia do Cachorro, near Vila dos Remédios (center of Noronha) is also very nice, has natural pools and practical due to its uncomplicated access.


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