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Paragliding / Hang Gliding

Exlusive Experience

fly through the tropical air

Paragliding in Rio de Janeiro is a dream for many cariocas and for those visiting the wonderful city. After all, seeing from the top the most beautiful angles of the mixture between sea, mountains and neighborhoods is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that deserves to be taken full advantage of!

In today’s text, we’ve separated everything you need to know about paragliding and fulfilling this incredible wish! We have separated tips on where to go, all care and the best places to jump. Check out!

Which is the best flight – Paragliding or Hang Gliding?
Hang gliding or paragliding are the two disciplines that make up free flight. These are two extreme sports that are very similar in nature, but divergent in practice. Find out what hang gliding and paragliding consist of and discover the aspects that bring these two modalities together.

Hang gliding and paragliding
Hang gliding and paragliding are the two disciplines that make up free flight. Both share the same objective, which is to fly without any kind of limits, using the forces of nature and the use of pilot strength for the aircraft’s take-off and landing.

Both the hang gliding and the paragliding allow for greater relaxation and contemplation through the skies, under the most beautiful landscapes of the terrestrial fauna. They represent an excellent means of establishing pure contact with nature, relaxing ideas, recovering strength and also escaping the mechanical rhythm existing in large cities.

Over the years, technical evolution in the practice of these disciplines and the appearance of new materials have consolidated paraglider and hang gliding as the modalities that have grown the most within aviation, but also recognized them as those that have been gaining greater sympathy. by all air sport lovers.

What is the hang glider
Hang gliding is one of the most extreme forms of adventure sport and is one of the most spectacular in sport in general. Unlike other air sports that provide strong emotions when descending from the skies, such as skydiving and its modalities, hang gliding is a discipline that provides a lot of adrenaline to its pilots on the way up to the skies.

The hang glider is a type of aircraft made up of aluminum tubes, which provide a certain structural rigidity and a sail made of fabric, which allows the aircraft to be supported in the air.

The pilot is suspended under the aircraft and flies in a lying position, thus directing the aircraft by moving his body inside the trapeze.

Usually, hang gliders jump from a ramp placed on the side of a mountain and glide smoothly in search of warm updrafts (known as thermals), which guarantee many hours of fun.

The practice of hang gliding requires the completion of an initial course, so that the practitioner has a greater mastery of the technique of the sport, as well as knowledge of their own reflexes and limitations.

What Is Paragliding 
Paragliding like the hang glider, one of the modalities of free flight. It takes place from the side of a mountain or on a sloping location that is downwind. The rider just has to run down the slope, and the flight starts as soon as the wind hits the canopy. Then, the pilot must look for an updraft of air.

Paragliding is thus a distant derivative of the parachute (but more extensive, with more cells and a large wing that glides due to its aerodynamics) and is transported on the back, inside a bag that contains all the necessary material. Its control is not done by shifting the weight, but by moving aerodynamic surfaces, similar to what happens with gliders. Paragliding is thus one of the most complete and relaxing sports you can practice.

Tips and precautions for a smooth flight! 

Paragliding in Rio is delicious, but you need to pay attention to some important details. Like:

Avoid buying your flight only in Pedra Bonita. Remember that Rio is a big city and the arrival to the ramp is through a more deserted path. Go with your instructor from the beach!

Bring water and some snacks if it fits in your backpack. The flight itself is fast, it only takes about 10 minutes. However, you may need to wait a while on the ramp until your turn arrives! Bring sunscreen and pass well before jumping!

Accredited instructors are located at kiosks or at companies in the city. Don’t buy your flight from unknown people because it’s cheaper! Remember that this is an extreme sport and should be practiced by those who understand the subject.

If you weigh more than 100 kilos, it may be necessary to advise the instructor of the possibility that you may or may not be able to fly. Some flights have a total weight restriction and you need to pay attention to these details.

Make the most of your flight and have fun!
You will love paragliding in Rio! This is an experience that can change our lives and give a different meaning to everything we know. Seeing the wonderful city from above is a privilege for few – follow our tips, we’re sure you’ll love the tour!

Did you like today’s text about paragliding in Rio de Janeiro? Share with your friends on social media! And be sure to check which bus lines leaving Novo Rio will take you from your hotel or residence to São Conrado beach!

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