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Ilha da Gigoia

Exlusive Experience

one of the best attractions

“Only good energy is allowed in”, says the sign on the door of Bar Caiçara, on Ilha da Gigoia. It’s a cliché phrase, but it fits very well with this picturesque bit of Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. Gigoia is an islet in Lagoa da Tijuca, but it looks like a parallel universe full of good vibes.

In a neighborhood made for cars, relief starts when finding a place where there are no motor vehicles. In the surroundings of Ilha da Gigoia, the only traffic is that of boats that make the crossing to the island and, here and there, a jet ski.

With about 3,000 inhabitants, Ilha da Gigoia is considered very safe and has a bucolic and peaceful climate that reminded me of the island of Paquetá, only smaller and with a greater concentration of gastronomic and cultural options. Do you want to see another side of Rio de Janeiro, forget that you’re in the big city and enjoy a nice day? You can go there without hesitation.

What to do on Gigoia Island
You can get to know the entire island in half an hour, but if you like picturesque and charming places, you’ll probably spend more time distracting yourself with the details. It’s so green and so peaceful that I didn’t even mind getting lost in the alleys.

In addition to simply walking aimlessly, the main program for those who go to Ilha da Gigoia is to go to bars and restaurants. Most are around the island, overlooking the lagoon, and many offer live music and shows by independent artists.

When I went there, the Comida di Buteco festival was going on and many groups of friends were going from bar to bar, tasting each one’s appetizers for the festival. I thought it was a great idea to be copied at other times, since it’s very easy to go from one corner to another there, even with a few beers in your head. 😉

Among the most famous places to eat and drink there, a highlight is the Bar do Cícero. It is located on Ilha Primeira, right in front of Gigoia. You can ask the boatman to drop you off right there on the way, or you can do this stretch of crossing after circling the island. Famous for cost-effective seafood, Cicero is usually very busy on weekends.

Culture and gastronomy
You can get to know the whole island in about half an hour, but if you like picturesque and charming places, you’ll probably spend a lot more time than that, falling in love with the details there.

In addition to good restaurants and bars for lunch or happy hour, with breathtaking views, Ilha da Gigóia is also the stage for shows by independent artists. There is even a series, Ilhados, which brings together the stories of 12 local musicians.

Among the most famous places to snack and drink, there is the Cais Bar, which serves shrimp straws and – they say – the coldest beer on the island, and the Bar do Cícero (located on Ilha Primeira, close to Gigóia) known for its fruits from the sea with good value for money.

Gigoia Island Bars
O Poderoso Buteco: for those who enjoy a more rock feel, this bar maintains a soundtrack that intersperses between Beatles and Led Zeppelin songs. In addition, the place follows a lot of British style and resembles pubs, with different types of beer, including craft beer.

Cais Bar: Famous for serving the best shrimp snacks, this bar has a beautiful view of the lagoon and has a comfortable deck full of tables. Its beers are also very popular, mainly because they are always served very cold. By day, it also functions as a restaurant.

Bar do Cícero: the best place to eat seafood while enjoying a good beer, this bar has a view of the lagoon and outdoor seating. Cicero is located on Ilha Primeira, a minute away by boat and is well worth the visit.

Café D’amis: despite the name Café, this is a charming bar and bistro on Ilha da Gigoia. It is famous for its cold snacks, pleasant atmosphere and tasty and refreshing drinks.

Ilha da Gigóia Deck Bar: with a menu full of options, as it also functions as a restaurant, this bar is a little more isolated, but it is accessible by boat for R$ 2. In addition to drinks, it has several snacks and sweets and , for those traveling with the family, a pool area to entertain the children.

For those who are going to spend a little longer on the island, it is worth visiting more than one of these places. Fun is guaranteed!


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