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Angra dos Reis

Exlusive Experience

The Brazilian paradise with its dreamy beaches

Think of a place with beaches with calm and transparent waters, with the forest meeting the sea and white sand. I could even be talking about a movie set, but I’m talking about a small piece of paradise very close to Rio and that attracts thousands of tourists each year: Angra dos Reis.

The city is one of the oldest in Brazil and its name comes from the fact that Angra means small cove and it was discovered by the Portuguese on January 6, 1502, known as the day of the Kings. Hence the name we know until today.

The city itself is not that interesting and some of the mainland beaches are not even suitable for swimming. However, the real treasure of Angra is the nearby islands, which have a magnificent view and are great for exploring on boat trips. In fact, Angra has an island to visit for each day of the year and more than two thousand beaches! Options abound, right?

About angrados reis

The city of Angra dos Reis is 156km from Rio de Janeiro and 414km from São Paulo. So, if you are coming from other regions of Brazil, the closest capital and airport are Rio de Janeiro.

Another way to get to Angra is by bus and the one who operates the route is Viação Costa Verde. Buses leave from the Novo-Rio bus station and if you arrived by plane, you’ll have to take a taxi or Uber there.

However, the fastest, most practical and cheapest way to get to Angra dos Reis is by car. So I recommend that you take a look at Localiza’s website. It is the rental company with the best cost x benefit and a lot of convenience to make your reservation. We always use and recommend.

Angra dos Reis and the surrounding islands are a true spectacle of nature. However, because of its geographical position, close to the mountains, as well as because of the humidity that comes from the sea, it is very likely that you will get rain on several days of the year.

So, I’ll explain to you how the climate is depending on the time of year there:

Firstly, summer is the season considered as high season in Angra. Temperatures are higher, so you can enjoy the sea. However, at this time we have a high incidence of the so-called summer rains (those that come and go without warning). So you might end up spending a few days at the hotel because of that.

By the way, speaking of accommodations, because of the high season, be prepared for an increase in prices (not only for hotels, but also for tours in general).

On the other hand, the winter months are those with the least chance of rain, but temperatures are lower. If you don’t like ice water, it’s better to choose another season.

spring and fall
Without a doubt, these are the best times to visit the region. With little rain, mild temperatures and without many tourists, you will enjoy much more of Angra and the islands.

What to do in Angra dos Reis on rainy days

Did you plan your trip, arrived in Angra and suddenly the weather turned and it started to rain? Calm down, there’s still something to do in Angra dos Reis even with the rain!

Although the main attractions are the schooner and speedboat rides through the islands, if during your trip it is raining, the best thing is to enjoy your accommodation.

Many hotels, especially large ones, have very complete leisure areas, including a playground for children, games room, indoor pool and much more. Likewise, some houses you can rent through Airbnb also offer rainy day alternatives.

So let’s combine something, don’t let a simple rain spoil the fun of your trip!

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    3-4 hours

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    Private Tour

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