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Ouro Preto


walking through its cobbled streets takes us straight to the 18th century

While the car travels along a winding road that leads to Ouro Preto, the eyes of travelers follow the incredible Serra do Espinhaço. The rise and fall of the mountains announces the beautiful and bucolic scenery that surrounds the ancient city of Vila Rica. Between the natural landscapes of Pico do Itacolomi and the 18th century baroque churches, sunlight finds the space and illuminates the colonial mansions that take over the centuries-old hillsides. Ouro Preto breathes the Brazilian colonial period and walking through its cobblestone streets takes us straight back to the 18th century, when the city became one of the most important in the country.

Ouro Preto was once the stage of the incessant rush in search of gold and the intense work of enslaved people. Today, the city holds an important part of the history of Brazil and receives visitors in search of some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Minas Gerais. Enjoy your days in Ouro Preto to delve into the history, art and cuisine of Minas Gerais. Ouro Preto’s marvels package is only complete with everything together! Traveling to Ouro Preto is to open the eyes of Brazil. The city teaches at all times how it was built in the country and each corner of the charming city in Minas Gerais is special.


What to do in Ouro Preto / MG
Ouro Preto manages to keep travelers entertained for many days amidst churches, mansions and colonial houses. There are dozens of tourist spots in Ouro Preto to visit, delicious nearby cities to walk around and many incredible scenery to photograph. There will be time for so many decorations. In Ouro Preto, the traveler can study important traces of colonial architecture, works by some of the most expressive names in national art – such as Aleijadinho and Mestre Ataíde -, museums full of good surprises and also experience the most traditional flavors of Minas Gerais. Yes! Ouro Preto’s history is also represented on the city’s tables and this is one of the best experiences there. Impossible to resist a good cachaça and a tasty dish with spices from Minas Gerais.

Despite the historic atmosphere constantly recalled in the colonial facades that surround the streets of the center, Ouro Preto also shows itself with a surprising joviality. Known for being a major university hub, Ouro Preto preserves the tradition of the republics, which each year bring in new young residents. And if, during the day, the tours in Ouro Preto are examinations of the religious, artistic and architectural circuit, at night, the best thing is to go in search of the republic’s festivities. The high concentration of university students animates the city especially during carnival, when Ouro Preto becomes one of the most sought after destinations in Brazil. The party takes over the mansions and hillsides and renews Ouro Preto’s stories every year.

Protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city delights all visitors. It won’t be difficult to fall in love with the beauty of the Church of São Francisco de Assis and the works of Aleijadinho, the sunset at the top of the UFOP Museum or the baroque buildings on Rua Direita. Order a “cafezim” with cheese bread, enjoy the Minas Gerais way of the city and be part of this story. There is no shortage of things to do in Ouro Preto and you will love every second in the city.

When to go to Ouro Preto
Ouro Preto receives tourists throughout the year and, regardless of the weather, it is worth visiting. Of course, some factors can make the trip even better, stay tuned! To avoid a large number of tourists, prefer to visit Ouro Preto outside the periods of school holidays and long holidays, which usually fill the city. If you are looking for a stable climate without rain, the best period to visit Ouro Preto is April and September, when the nights are cold and the days are combined with fog, but soon the blue sky appears and the temperature is mild. See more details on when to go to Ouro Preto.

Warmest months – September to April
Colder months – June to August
Rainiest months – November to March
Dryer months – May to August


How long to stay in Ouro Preto
Ouro Preto is the typical destination that can be visited in one or ten days. Located just 100 km from the capital Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto is a great choice for a round-trip tour and also for days of intense immersion in the history and art of Brazil. In four or five days you will get to know the city well, but with a little more time you can also visit nearby destinations, such as Mariana, Congonhas, Santuário do Caraça, Lavras Novas, Santa Bárbara and the charming Catas Altas. Enjoy and stay longer in Ouro Preto!

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