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enchanting natural beauty

Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina, in the south of the country, is at the top of the list of cities most visited by foreigners in Brazil. The city enchants for its variety of beaches and for its ability to please all types of public. It is a capital that grew up in the midst of nature, which offers beautiful natural landscapes throughout its extension, where you can enjoy both the movement of an effervescent capital and the tranquility of a city – almost – from the countryside.


Known as Ilha da Magia and affectionately called Floripa, it has about 500 thousand inhabitants and around 54 km from North to South. Each little piece of Florianópolis has a distinct characteristic, its main attraction always being Nature, in its most diverse ways, especially across the sea and its mountains.

Florianópolis has wonderful beaches, often with crystal clear water, it has several trails, many of them ending in deserted beaches — almost a trophy given to those who encourage themselves to walk. Have you ever heard of the famous Jurerê? It is not the main beach in terms of beauty, but it is among the most popular beaches in Brazil, with parties that boil in the summer!

And it is from the sea, present at all times, that the state’s most popular production, oysters, also comes out. Oysters, shrimp, octopus and fish, such as mullet, are the hallmarks of local restaurants, several of them with a beautiful view of the sea and fresh food!


What to do in Florianópolis
There is plenty to see and do in Florianópolis. In the central region, a good option is to take a tour of the Beira-Mar Norte, where you can admire a beautiful evening and the Hercílio Luz Bridge, the capital’s postcard. Also in the center, it is worth visiting the Public Market, with great places to drink with friends and have a snack.

Enjoy Praia Mole beach, go down the Joaquina dunes, take a boat trip along Costa da Lagoa, spend an afternoon at Lagoa da Conceição, practice outdoor sports, visit Azorean villages — which have a very strong culture in the state — are among the main attractions of Florianópolis. For those who enjoy being outdoors, the list of activities in the city is endless!

To the south of the island, where the waters are colder, one of the main attractions is Ilha do Campeche. Worthy of Caribbean transparency, the island’s small beach is breathtaking in its beauty! Read other tips on what to do in Florianópolis!

Florianópolis Beaches
They say that there are 42 beaches in Florianópolis, but there are those who guarantee that this number is even higher. Do you like to catch a wave? You can go there without blinking! Don’t like rough seas and prefer calm waters? You can go too. Florianópolis really has all kinds of beaches: deserted, super busy, with dunes, with lots of green, beaches for those who want to surf, calm beaches for children and so on. With so many options, it will be difficult to choose a favorite beach.

Among the beaches most sought after by visitors are Jurerê Internacional, famous for its ballads, the extensive Praia dos Ingleses, Praia Brava, which has strong waves, as well as Praia Mole and Praia da Joaquina, which are very popular with young people and those who want to to surf. In the south of Florianópolis, Praia do Campeche and Ilha do Campeche

Remember, however, that Florianópolis has many more beaches and there may be an option that suits your taste better.


How to get to Florianópolis
After several renovations and major investment, the capital of Santa Catarina received the new and modern Floripa Airport, or simply Florianópolis Airport, the main airport in Santa Catarina. It is currently considered one of the best airports in Brazil and receives flights from several cities in the country. Check here our tips for tickets to Florianópolis.

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