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an almost secret paradise

For years, the intense strip of Atlantic Forest that covers Itacaré, Bahia, kept the region as an almost secret paradise, known only to fishermen, surfers and lovers of deserted beaches. As time went by, travelers from all over Brazil began to unravel the secrets of this magical piece on the South Coast of Bahia. Only 75 km away from Ilhéus, Itacaré is no longer an isolated and almost unknown stronghold, but one of the most sought after destinations on the Costa do Cacau. The city has grown a lot since the times when it was just a territory for surfers and fishermen, it’s true. The deserted beaches, however, continue to resist there and are a joy for travelers to this day. So, get ready for days of immersion in some oases of tranquility in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Itacaré.

With a large area of ​​environmental preservation, Itacaré still manages to maintain the climate of untouched beauty in several beaches in the region. And it is exactly the combination of almost uninhabited stretches of sand with a lively city, full of restaurants, shops, bars and parties that appeals so much to tourists who dock there. Itacaré envelops visitors in sunny days and untouchable beauty by the sea.


Itacaré Beaches
The beaches of Itacaré are the main attractions for tourists who come to the city. Altogether, there are thirteen main beaches to visit during the trip. Some beaches in Itacaré are searchable by car and others along beautiful trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, but the important thing is to know that Itacaré has a beach for all tastes.

The beaches of Itacaré are divided between urban and rural beaches. As the urban ones have easy access, they are very close to the city center and are always busier. Among the most preserved urban beaches, it is worth checking out Praia do Resende, Praia da Tiririca, Praia do Costa and Praia da Ribeira, all of which are discarded in Caminho das Praias. In addition to them, another good choice is Praia da Concha, which has a wide infrastructure.

As rural beaches, they are the ideal destination for those who love a more preserved environment and intensely surrounded by natural beauty. All are accessible from highway BA-001, and some of them focus on walking paths. If the most preserved beaches are your thing, it’s worth checking out: Prainha, a great star in Itacaré and one of the most beautiful in the region, from where you have access to the beautiful Praia de São José; Praia da Engenhoca, Praia Havaizinho and Praia da Camboinha (or Gamboa), as three with spectacular views and access by the same trail; Itacarezinho Beach, one of the most spectacular landscapes in Itacaré; and also the beaches of Jeribucaçu and Arruda.

What to do in Itacaré beyond the beaches
Itacaré’s famous trails not only lead to lush beaches, such as Prainha, Jeribucaçu, Engenhoca, Havaizinho and Itacarezinho. In Itacaré, you can also enjoy delicious waterfall baths. The rugged relief facilitates the formation of waterfalls, which add even more charm and emotion to the region. And when we talk about emotion, we mean that there it will be easy to feel a little adrenaline in sports such as rafting, tree climbing, kayaking and, of course, surfing. The degree of difficulty of the tour will depend on each tourist. The important thing is to keep in mind that there are activities for everyone.

We know that Itacaré is capable of keeping a tourist happy and busy for many days, but as the coast of Bahia is quite large and full of paradises, from Itacaré it will still be possible to take trips to discover other destinations, among them: the neighboring Serra Great; Península de Maraú, where the natural pools of Taipu de Fora are located; Morro de São Paulo; and the spectacular Island of Boipeba.

In addition to beaches and tours, visitors to the region will delight in the restaurants in Itacaré, which serve the best of Bahian spice. A walk along Rua da Pituba is capable of driving any lover of good food crazy, but on the beaches it is also easy to find delicious delicacies. Enjoy!


How long to stay in Itacaré
The longer you stay in Itacaré, the more your energy will be recharged. A four-day trip already allows you to get to know the main beaches of Itacaré, but 7 days is ideal to enjoy each one without rushing. With ten days you can still do all the tours and relax a bit there!

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