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Exlusive Experience

charming little town in the southern tip of the Rio de Janeiro state.

In July 2019, Paraty and Ilha Grande received the title of World Heritage by Unesco. But what to do in Paraty? Can you make Paraty and Ilha Grande in the same travel itinerary?

However, our main question was how to visit Paraty and realize how this title is reflected in the streets of the historic center or in the region’s exuberant nature?

First, we note that this is the first time that a Brazilian destination is registered and recognized in the mixed site category.

“In Paraty and Ilha Grande, an area with several ecological reserves, we see, in an exceptional and unique way, a combination of natural beauty, unique biodiversity, cultural manifestations, a preserved historical complex, and important archeological testimonies for understanding the evolution of humanity on the planet. Land”, declared Kátia Bogéa, president of Iphan – National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute.

What to do in Paraty RJ

Unesco’s worldwide recognition will further increase the flow of tourists from outside Brazil to Paraty and Ilha Grande.

In addition, it will also enhance one of the most beautiful regions of our Brazilian coast.

Check out what to do in Paraty and what are the main places and tours to visit.
Above all, the UNESCO World Heritage title also carries with it a series of responsibilities.

Brazil, through various entities such as the Ministry of the Environment, IPHAN, ICMBio – Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, will be responsible for ensuring the preservation of this heritage.

At a time when environmental issues have their relevance questioned by the federal government, this title comes at a good time for Paraty and Ilha Grande.

It is also worth noting the importance of this recognition for a mixed site. Paraty and Ilha Grande have a lively and ancestral culture, coexisting with a rich natural heritage. It is the perfect translation of how human occupation can live in harmony with the environment.

Among the places that are part of this concept, we can mention the Caminho do Ouro, vestiges of prehistoric indigenous peoples in the Ilha Grande State Park or the preserved beaches of the Praia do Sul Biological Reserve, in Ilha Grande.

How many days to stay in Paraty

The minimum recommended is 2 days, but the ideal to get to know Paraty is 7 days.
If your itinerary includes Ilha Grande, we recommend a minimum travel time of 7 days.
In the list of the best tours in Paraty, you will notice that each one takes practically the whole day, so the 5 days are needed to get to know the basics of the city.
The day of arrival and departure we always disregard.
Day 1: Arrival in Paraty
Day 2: Tour through the Historic Center and Beaches of Paraty (BR-101)
Day 3: Trindade Beaches: Praia do Meio and Caxadaço
Day 4: Boat or Schooner Tour through the Bay of Paraty
Day 5: Land and Sea Tour (Islands, Waterfalls and Stills)
Day 6: Praia do Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos
Day 7: Other Tours and Departure from Paraty

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    3-4 hours

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