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the city that delights any tourist

Salvador is the right destination for many tourists traveling through Brazil: the city is a living museum of the history and diversity that our country offers. Symbol of the mixture of creeds and ethnicities, the culture that was formed in Bahia is rich, full of cheerful and receptive people. Bahian culture is unique, strong in several aspects and stands out in cuisine, architecture and artistic expressions.


Salvador – what to do and sights
The historic center and the Pelourinho, which brings together the city’s old buildings, are unmissable tours in Salvador, and a good place to start your itinerary. There you will be able to know and learn about the historical vein of the capital and origin of Brazil, visit churches such as the Church and Convent of São Francisco. The Elevador Lacerda, which connects Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa, and the Mercado Modelo, traditional for the sale of local souvenirs, are also worth taking nearby trips.

To enjoy the beaches and the long coast of Salvador, there are no shortage of options. From Porto da Barra Beach, another attraction that can’t be missed, to beaches a little further away, such as Stella Maris, the sea is beautiful, crystal clear and with a delicious temperature.

Watching the sunset is a simple and very enjoyable activity that Salvador offers — to watch it you can book a space in Ribeira, a bohemian neighborhood in Salvador, go to the surroundings of Elevador Lacerda or in Solar do Unhão, a complex architectural structure that now houses the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia.

Discovering good restaurants and enjoying Bahian cuisine is also an integral part of any tour in Bahia, especially in Salvador, where you can taste the most famous acarajés in the state: those from Dinha, Cira and Regina. It will be difficult to choose the most delicious and what to do in a city with so many options!

And if your goal is a party, there’s nothing better than traveling to Salvador during Carnival, when axé and electric trios take over the city’s streets!


Salvador beaches
Salvador’s beaches are delicious and so varied that at least one of them will win your heart. In Salvador you will find beaches where the young crowd is bigger, others where peace reigns and others that are perfect for children, with the formation of natural pools.

Among the best known beaches in the central region are Praia do Porto da Barra, Praia do Farol da Barra, usually with calm seas and always crowded in summer, in addition to Ondina, and Praia do Buracão, more empty and reserved, but with stronger waves. Further away from the center, Itapuã, Flamengo and Stella Maris are great options, with plenty of space and formation of natural pools!

Ilha dos Frades, Morro de São Paulo and destinations near Salvador
Salvador can be the starting point for destinations neighboring the capital, which also yield great moments of relaxation by the sea, including Praia do Forte, which can be a destination for a single or several days, Morro de São Paulo, which has beaches for those who want rest or relaxation. Another option is Ilha dos Frades, one of the islands in the Baía de Todos os Santos and which makes for a great round-trip tour with its uncrowded beaches.


When to go to Salvador
Salvador is a city where it is hot practically all year round, with no days considered cold. The high season in the city happens during the summer and especially in Carnival, when the party of electric trios dominates the city. If you want to avoid the rains, try not to travel between April and July, which is when it rains most. Read here for more tips on when to go to Salvador.


Bahia Culinary Circuit
Bahian cuisine is a sin of being so delicious. You will find typical dishes invented by the people here and also variations from other cultures, especially the African one. Every Friday is “white day” as they say there. That’s when most restaurants only serve the famous caruru. Made from dried okra and shrimp, it is served with rice, farofa, black beans and fish or chicken. Of course you can also find the weevil on other days of the week, but Fridays are traditional. They say that anyone who eats food from Bahia every Friday is blessed by the saints of the land.

Another typical dish from Salvador is acarajé. The dumpling is made from white bean dough, fried in palm oil and served with shrimp, vegetable salad, vatapá and caruru. When talking about typical Bahia food, this is certainly the most mentioned. You can find Baiana everywhere while you are in Salvador. However, some are traditional and their acarajés have become true legends. 

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