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Best Parties

One of the most important tips without a doubt is to take a lot of caipirinhas… HAHA! Yes, if you are on vacation in Rio de Janeiro you have to experience typical things, right? Caipirinha is one of the main drinks here, and it doesn’t cost much on the streets. You have to experience it!
Neighborhoods that are more lively and frequented on Rio nights:
This is considered the most bohemian neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, perhaps it is considered the liveliest too, in this neighborhood all the tribes come together to drink caipirinhas, beers and meet friends. In the main street of the neighborhood there are an infinity of bars, restaurants and discos for all styles, alternative music, Brazilian, Latin among others. Best of all, it is frequented by people from all over the city
This is undoubtedly the point of the young galley and most of the tourists, with many places to enjoy in the post-beach, restaurants and bars, in addition to the ballads and well-attended discos even on weekdays. A good option to enjoy the nightlife in Rio de Janeiro
The little sea princess is not only a beach, it has many kiosks along the beach that offer drinks, food and many of them live music. In addition to all this, some nightclub options that cater to all styles and parties always happen in some of the hotels in the neighborhood. One of the best options for nightlife

There is no denying that Barra da Tijuca is the most glamorous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, and it has a party there every night, as it is home to some very famous and recommended nightclubs and bars. As an upper-class neighborhood, it generally has parties with a more alternative musical style. It is very worth knowing, it is even a point of some personalities to take advantage of the nights.
This is a neighborhood better known for the more alternative bars (they like rock and roll, maybe that’s one of the best spots), where friends meet after work and take the opportunity to set business in the day, having a beer or two. The main street of Botafogo, Voluntarios de la Pátria (known as Bajo Botafogo) is full of bars and restaurants with cheap prices. You can come here any day in a week, but especially Thursday nights tend to be very busy in Botafogo.
Leblon is a neighborhood well known for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and spaces run by celebrities and good professionals, as well as being a high-class neighborhood of the city. It is always possible to find good places to enjoy every day of the week, since the neighborhood is well bustling, although the nightlife is not the best option, it has few discos and ballads in the place

All in lounge

Vittrini lounge

New Mariuzinn

Misti Ipanema Rooftop

Boat party

New Year's Eve Parties