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Favela Rocinha

Exlusive Experience

The largest favela in Brazil

How is the tour in Favela da Rocinha?
The Favela da Rocinha tour is the most desired favela tour by visitors to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Favela da Rocinha is the largest favela in Latin America and is located in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Getting to know this beautiful community is the dream of hundreds of people who visit the community daily.

Favela da Rocinha has a great infrastructure to receive tourists from all over the world. In addition to the friendliness of the inhabitants, the community also has several social projects and viewpoints to observe the beautiful view of the beach of São Conrado, Pedra Bonita, Pedra da Gávea and other mountains in the city.

Come and discover the Favela da Rocinha!
Our tour in Favela da Rocinha starts at the embarkation in the tourist area and in the center of Rio de Janeiro, arriving in Favela da Rocinha we will introduce the community making stops to know the main natural attractions, the community and the local culture.

Our tour in Favela da Rocinha is a very interesting social experiment, where the guide will make you interact with the community’s residents, knowing a little more about the local culture and diversity. We work in a non-intrusive way, respecting people’s lives. We focus on a genuine experience, which aims to educate our clients about favelas and show how they have become such a big part of life in Rio de Janeiro.

The tour in Favela da Rocinha will pass by the main viewpoints of the community such as the “Portão do Céu” viewpoint, which has a beautiful view of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, we will cross some alleys and visit the art and culture houses of local artists.

Our guide will tell you about the history of the favela, as well as the social and economic challenges. The main places and attractions visited are: Art Atelier “Gate of Heaven”, typical Brazilian food from the Northeast, Acadêmicos da Rocinha Samba School, Rocinha shopping center and Mercado Popular.

Round trip transportation to hotels in the tourist area and downtown Rio de Janeiro is included in the tour.


Slab as a lookout
On the way between very narrow alleys we come across many families who live there, walking around with the fair, children, working. And many are very friendly with the tourist group. Some points offer a privileged view of Rocinha and the slab serves as a lookout for a view full of contrasts. The guide already has the exact places where we entered the resident’s house and arrived at the slab for consideration.

But then, how to enter the Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro? Well, after parking the van, we follow along with the accredited guide and proper identification. An important detail for the safety of the entire group is that he is already a well-known person in the community. To give you an idea, people pass by and call him by name, children play with him and this gives us a certain security in being there, as he is a reference for the residents. There is a relationship of friendship already built between the guide and the local population. How to get to know the favela of Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro: we’ve told you everything about this tour!

During the tour, we realized that there is a mutual respect between the community and our agency guide. The entire route is done in single file (one after the other) so that we don’t close the alleys or alleys interfering with the life of those who need to get around there. On arrival in the favela, the sneakers hanging from wires draw attention (and there are thousands of them all over the streets…telephone wires, energy, everything mixed up). The hanging shoe is to identify that there is a traffic command in that location.

Can you photograph?
And photographs, can you do it there quietly? That’s the first question everyone asks the guide. Yes, in some points. The guide will tell you where he can and where he can’t take pictures. Yes, because in some places the traffic commanders do not allow for a certain exposure not to exist on social networks, somehow facilitating the work of the police. Have you ever heard about the Telegraph Stone? Click here and we will also take you to another nice place to visit in the wonderful city.



  • Duration

    Half day

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  • Tour Type

    Private Tour

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Lunch (optional)

Credential guide in English, Spanish or Portugues

Private transfer to and from your hotel

Covid-19 biosafety protocol



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