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Park Lage

Exlusive Experience

A hidden paradise in Barra da Tijuca

If you are looking to discover the beauties of Rio, know that Parque Lage must be on your trip itinerary. Known as a corner in the middle of nature, the place is rich in stories and doesn’t skimp on beautiful landscapes. To taste the beauty of this destination, we have prepared a complete guide with the best tips and excellent tours.

What you need to know about Parque Lage
Before starting your tour of Parque Lage, it is necessary to know important information about the place. Find out below everything you need to know to better plan your visit.

Park operation
Admission: the tour is free.

Opening hours: The park is open daily from 8am to 5pm.

Accessibility: the park has an elevator, located on the main staircase of the Palace, for people with reduced mobility.
Parking: the park does not have parking. So, it is recommended to arrive early in the morning and park on streets close to the site.

When to visit: the ideal is to visit during the week, as the weekend is very popular. However, take into account your availability, because, regardless of the day, the tour promises to be worth it. The attraction can be visited at any time of the year.

Other information: the entry of pets is prohibited on the premises.

Recommendations: do not feed wild animals, as this is harmful to their health. During the tours, preserve nature and take full care of your garbage. Finally, it is also important to respect some limits established by the park, with the areas of the trails.

After taking note of this information, you can start your tour with ease. Now, see what attractions can not be missing from your script.


5 essential activities to do at Parque Lage
In the midst of preserved nature, beautiful gardens and many stories, it is possible to enjoy the Parque Lage. With attractions that last a whole day, the place knows how to welcome its visitors, as well as providing unique moments.

1. Parque Lage Palace
Built in 1931, the Palacete do Parque Lage is its most visited attraction. It is in this charming place that visitors stop for breakfast, chat and enjoy a unique view of Corcovado. Located right below Christ the Redeemer, the attraction is very popular, so the tip is to get there very early to see it calmly.

2. Picnic
Park and picnic are two things that go together, and at Parque Lage there is no shortage of places to put this union into practice. In areas reserved for the activity, it is possible to gather loved ones and socialize amidst exuberant landscapes. Appreciating the green and listening to the birds singing, while you savor good food, is quite a program!

3. Aquarium
In the form of an artificial cave and with a concept unlike anything you’ve ever seen: that’s the Parque Lage Aquarium. Designed by English landscaper John Tyndele, the attraction enchants with rare fish in nature. A highlight that draws attention is that the attraction is completely integrated into the forest, which provides a unique setting in the park.

4. Cave
The Parque Lage Grotto is another place of good surprises for you to visit. Very close to the Aquarium, the place is a must for anyone looking to take beautiful photos and venture into mysterious places. An important detail is that the cave is also an artificial attraction, but it’s hard not to think that the monument looks real.

5. Outdoor walking
Parque Lage has one of the most important green areas in the state of Rio, so it is the preferred place for those looking to take walks away from the city. Among green gardens and an untouched forest, you can exercise while enjoying all the tranquility and tranquility of the park. According to most visitors, the place offers an indescribable sense of peace and freedom, so enjoy this retreat.

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